How to get SharePoint Usage Reports older than 30 days when no IIS log files are available? RRS feed

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  • I am in need of web stats from past months.  That include Visits, PageViews, total hits every 4 hours... or days ect... (anything at this point would be nice)

    I don't have any IIS logs to look at, and SharePoint doesn't keep usage data in the database that has pasted 30 days old.

    What I do have is back ups of the SharePoint usage logs but the data isn't complete enough to get good status from.

    The Fields in the usage logs are





    I also have back ups of the Sql Database from the months that I like to get status on, but that is a black box to me....  and I was wondering if the data in the backed up database is more complete then the Sharepoint logs I already have.....


    Any ideas or thoughts?


    Andy Ferguson
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