XP SP3, consequentely to power loss (UPS failure), exhibits intermittent freezing RRS feed

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  • Hi,

        I have a PC with XP SP3 installed that, consequentely to power loss (UPS failure) exhibits intermittent freezing of peripherals (and maybe processes). I.e, after a reboot consequential from the aforementioned power loss, the PC is pretty unusable.

    Now, I've made some attempts to solve the problem. I've executed HijackThis and I haven't found any malware/spyware/trojan, etc etc.

    So, I'd rebooted in Safe Mode and the system was ok.

    Then I've launched the Windows' Task Manager and killed a process at a time in order to see if the intermittent freezing would stop. No way.

    So, I've closed the task manager and launched the Russinovich's Process Explorer. I've noticed that the CPU's consumption by the Interrupt(s) was the 20% of the total.

    Uhm... sounds like drivers' problem. Hence, I've opened the Windows Device Manager, but all the peripherals seemed work properly. So I've made a "Scan for hardware changes" and the problem gone away!

    Now, after each reboot, I've to make "Scan for hardware changes" in order to be able to use my computer.

    Any ideas?



    Thursday, January 13, 2011 12:35 PM