Domain Migration


  • Hi,

    A few months ago we migrated all users and clients to a new domainb. All servers remain on domaina.

    All users could access resources (email, file) in both domains with no issues.

    Now I am experiencing some strange issues. Now intermittently domainb accounts cant access domaina.

    I have tested with the same  user account on 2 laptops, both authenticated by the same DC with total opposite results. On one every works as it should and on the other no access at all.

    These issues are happening through out the domain.

    I cant see anything in event logs in either domain, all servers have been restarted.

    Can anyone give me a pointer on where I should be looking and what I should be looking for?


    Saturday, December 14, 2013 11:31 AM


  • Here's a few things to try and look at.

    1. Look at DNS - you said the laptops were the same but was DNS the same
    2. If everything worked from the start what changed?
    3. From a command prompt on a working machine and no-working machine run the command "nltest /dsgetdc:your_domain_name" without the quotes.  Make sure the machines are using the same DC not just the users
    4. Network capture of a working and non-working machine - this is always a pain because you'll need to get both sides.  Machine working/DC you auth to, Machine not working/DC you are trying to auth to

    Also, what's the reason for leaving the servers in DomainA?

    Something is different, something has changed and it could be small.  If you've got to machines that are the same and one works and one doesn't there may be something little you're missing.

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    Monday, December 16, 2013 2:18 AM