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    I don't know how software business works, and i don't know where to look, so i want to share an idea about changing the competition between PCs and Macs, and i just want to ask in what way is it plausible, or what are the things that I have no idea of or not even considering.

    The idea, as the title implies, is about the next Windows having a User-Oriented UI, opening up the navigation program of Windows to tons of customization options that allows people to generate and share User Interface aspects for different purposes. The competition now is not who has the better UI, but of which Operating System can support a wide array of interfaces and graphic/features while at the same time keeping a high performance and flexibility.

    The User-Oriented UI: My Experience as a Windows User

    I have loved Windows because of its simplicity, and its availability (no wonder, as if i have a choice). Yet while some users chose to passively stick with the user interface, users like me would absolutely love to have a huge array of customization options, of our customization options. It is not just about changing the color, the wallpaper, the aesthetics... Sometimes, it is to a point of actually customizing and personalizing our own way of interacting and navigating the system.

    And if i am right, it is the very aspect of which Apple is keeping its reputation for its user interfaces. I mean, what Apple defines is not just its visual aesthetics, but its manner of interacting with the contents of the system. Making a user interface intuitive for the user. Making a user interface that actually defines a person's use of the system, in a more visual form.

    Users like me love a user interface in which we are not in the mercy of the system. So hence, i would like to make a proposal for the next OS to come.


    1. Keep the old interfaces, and their options. From my experience, there were people who were lovers of the Vista and the XP (or preferably the Longhorn) interface. And there are haters of the rigid Aero Basic, with its one-color choice. (Come on, not all people like the baby blue color.) I am not saying that Aero should be trashed away, the developments are certainly worth looking for. But the interface options should also have consideration and love for those who chose to stick with the old.

    If keeping the old looks and feels in the appearance options will look bloated, adding too much, et cetera, at least make the interfaces available online, downloadable, ready-to-install. And seriously, have more color options for the Aero Basic.

    1. The first idea is only a part of the paradigm that I perceive for a User-Oriented UI, which occurs in four levels.
      1. Level 1: The basic UI, with customization options.
      2. Level 2: Widgetized Customization/Navigation Options incorporated
      3. Level 3: “Themes”, which are collections of icons, sounds, navigation widgets, and other elements, that can be assembled (or downloaded). Users can also shift between themes in a flash (either with a command or button)
      4. Level 4: Installable UIs for the OS.

    I am also thinking of a community of developers and artists that can design and share such developed UIs, either for free or for a price, just like DeviantArt.

    The idea (or my discussion of it) looks kind of shaky at this point actually (maybe out of exhaustion). But what do you think, of Windows not only offering support for new navigation and customization features, but opening interface options to a community that seeks to define and make the OS more user-oriented in its interface?


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    Monday, November 29, 2010 11:07 AM