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  • Hi,

    I'm trying to migrate my old data (2×2TB disks, both 99% full) to my new server running Server 2012 Datacentre.

    The server had at first 3×3TB disk + a system disk. I have created a storage pool on those three and two different volumes:

    • Parity array 3,62TB (due to my plan to istall the old two disks later); let's call it raid5
    • Mirror array 931GB; let's call it raid1
    • 935GB was left free

    Then I copied all the data from my hard drives to raid5 and added one of 2TB disks to my storage pool, but was unable to extend the raid5. However I figured out the raid0 may be the problem, so I deleted the volume and was let to extend raid5 up to 6,3TB (that's what storage pools section of server manager reports). That's the first strange thing, it's supposed to be 1,81TB*3, which is 5,43TB... The second thing is that Windows Explorer reports the size of raid 5 to be 5,4TB, which is much more likely, but why different reporting? And also there is a list of used capacity, which is even stranger:

    • 2,71TB/2,73TB
    • 2,71TB/2,73TB
    • 2,71TB/2,73TB
    • 1,32TB/1,82TB
    • (2,71TB varies for up to 4GB)

    Because I really need my storage sorted up soon I decided to take a risk and install the second 2TB drive. So I have, but there is absolutely no effect on raid5. I'm allowed to create new volume on it, but not to extend raid 5.

    Now I'm really confused. I wonder if there's any way to resort the data over the disks or some other way of solving this issue. I would try to recreate the pool, but with 2TB disk installed I'm now 2TB short on storage, so I can't remove my data from raid5. The other problem is I'd need at least 4 days to do it, even if I manage to borrow a 2TB hard disk. And even if that will be the only possible scenario, how should I create the volumes in order to achieve what I want with my resources (3×3TB + 2×2TB and 4TB of data).

    Do you have any experience in that? Can you help me? If yes, please leave an answer!

    Thank you in advance!

    Tuesday, January 15, 2013 8:09 PM