Windows 10 Bitlocker protected drive keeps deleting my Hyper-V VM files (.vhdx .vmrs. .vmcx) RRS feed

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  • 1. Issue:

    HyperV files on an external SSD drive with Bitlocker drive protection keep disappearing (3 times in 18 months).

    The HyperV host has 4 hyper machines running on a new PC with i7 quad core, 64 GB RAM, Win 10 pro, three internal SSD drives (1 for OS, 1 for Hyper-V, 1 for data) and 1 external SSD (used for a single hyperV machine that I take with me)

    - I rebooted the host PC and Windows said there was corruption. It ran a 30 second recovery and was done.

    - I rebooted and Hyper-V files are missing on drive Z (external SSD) 

    2. Attempts to recover:

    - turned on explorer hidden file view - there are no hidden files

    - I ran a scan of drive Z using a file recovery tool "Rstudio" and cannot find anything relevant. Note: I have successfully used this data recovery tool for years.

    - I decided to securely format drive Z and then restore a backup and the erase program found .chk file that is a similar size to the missing .vhdx file. I don't have a program that can restore that file since 'eraser.exe' only deletes them and nothing else can 'see' them.

    -  I turned off bitlocker on the drive and reran the disc scan. There are no .vhdx files or any files large enough to be them.

    3. Summary:

    - no resource issues on Host

    - Files are not 'hidden' 

    - erase tool found a .chk file of similar size

    - cannot find a file tool to recover the .chk file

    - microsoft bitlocker recovery tool will not install (certificate error)

    4. Questions:
    - Is there a way to recover .chk file? (maybe a tool?)
    - What windows 10 applications are more reliable than bitlocker for drive encryption?

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  • I wonder why you even suspect bitlocker to be the cause. BL is standard in professional environments for years, so many people use it to encrypt the drives where virtual machines are stored. No, it will not lead to a higher probability of data corruption.

    You should rather use a different drive. Maybe it's just faulty. I know that SSDs are very, very stable, but still that should be tried.

    Sorry, I have no idea if you caould somehow recover that .chk files. I'd rely on your backup.

    Saturday, November 25, 2017 4:14 PM
  • Hi,
    Am 25.11.2017 um 00:54 schrieb Gregger44:
    > HyperV files on an external SSD drive with Bitlocker drive protection
    > keep disappearing (3 times in 18 months).
    It´s not Bitlocker, it your external Drive. USB is not reliable.
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    Saturday, November 25, 2017 4:42 PM