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  • So one thing that I love about windows is the alt+tab feature where you can cycle through the open programs.  One change that I noticed from windows 10 to previous windows is that the desktop was removed from the alt+tab.  I found that whenever you use a program (games mostly for me) that goes into a fullscreen mode and don't have another program open, you can't exit out of the fullscreen, in windows 8 and before I was able to just alt+tab to access the desktop.  I've tried using alt+tab, windkey+d, ctrl+shift+esc.  The only way I found to work was to ctrl+alt+del then open the task manager then you can access the desktop.  The problem here is that if I'm using the fullscreen program and want to open a second program, I have to go through the process I explained to get, let's say, spotify open.  I hope in the next update the desktop gets included in the alt+tab feature!
    Tuesday, September 8, 2015 9:30 PM