Any way to remove all "apps" for all users?` RRS feed

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  • I get that the new start menu is a compromise, and it's neat that it's "back."

    What I'm not clear on, is if it's possible to remove/hide the "apps" for all users.

    I'm not keen on having all users have all of these, especially in a corporate environment.

    Would be preferable to have none, except for perhaps what's "allowed" by admins.
    Standard office users, power users, devs, artists, accountants, most folks at work simply don't have a use for most of these apps. I also don't want bandwidth constantly being used by any of the live tiles. If a user wants to know the weather, they can go to weather.com. If they want news, this is also available via any number of sites.

    The other compromise of having apps "windowed" is also nice, but for an office environment, I just don't see people firing up a sandboxed calculator app (or, any of the other built-in ones).

    Sorry, but honestly, I'd honestly just like to know if it's possible to set up a GPO, or use some other method to get the "apps" out of the way of the "standard office user."

    Monday, December 1, 2014 4:02 AM