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  • I have an environment with a Domain Controller running Windows Server 2008 R2 and client PCs running Windows XP Professional SP3. The XP PCs are joined to the domain. The users log in to the PCs with domain accounts, and we provide them Hosted Exchange service (Exchange Server 2003). The Exchange accounts are set up in Outlook and function properly.

    We recently installed some new Windows 7 PCs in this environment. When joined to the Domain, Outlook stays on "Updating Inbox" but no mail is ever downloaded. If the PC is removed from the Domain, Outlook immediately begins downloading mail.

    Everything besides Outlook works fine on the Windows 7 PCs when joined to the domain...Internet browsing, accessing shared drives, etc. Outlook stuck on "Updating Inbox" is the only issue.

    To test further, I performed the following: While joined to the Domain, I logged into a Windows 7 PC with a LOCAL user account and set up an Exchange account in Outlook. It stayed on "Updating Inbox" for hours and did not pull down any mail. I then unjoined the PC from the domain, rebooted, logged back into the PC with the same LOCAL user account, and opened Outlook. Outlook immediately began downloading mail.

    We have performed this test using both Outlook 2003 and 2010 installed in Windows 7. The Outlook version did not make a difference. Again, there is no issue with Outlook in Windows XP while joined to the domain.

    Are there some domain settings that would cause Windows 7 to not communicate properly with the Exchange server? I have run Outlook with /rpcdiag and all connections say "Established", even when joined to the Domain and stuck on "Updating".

    Any ideas? I was unsure if I should ask this in the Directory forum, Group Policy forum, etc. I first posted this in the Directory forum, but the users there instructed me to start in this Exchange forum.


    Thursday, July 14, 2011 3:08 PM

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