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  • At 1st my problem was vista would get past the green loading bar then hang with the cursor and wouldnt load. I tried to repair but the repair couldnt see a copy of windows to do a restore. I thought then it may be a HD problem as the HD was around 5 years old. I went out and bought another and began to reinstall on a new 500gb HD. All was fine, i updated windos, installed all my software and shut down and went to bed after installing for 5 hours.

    I came back today and booted up and Vista just hangs at the green loading bar. I couldnt believe it! I tried a reboot and the same thing happens, then i tried safe mode and this wouldnt load Vista.

    I thought i would try and repair or do a fresh install at the worst case. However, when i boot from CD with the Vista instalation disc it wont let me past the green bar; not to even do a new install!! Its crazy!

    I'm using a 680i MB and using a OEM X 64 OS

    I have managed to reinstall on a 80 gig HD so i have some sort of system. So far i havent updated anything as i'm very suspicaiuos this is a Windows update problem or the new NVIDIA drivers for the 8800 series.

    I have spent nearly 7 hours trying to get my 500gb drive to boot windows. I have tried to boot with the working version of windows on the 80gb drive and the non bootable drive. I tried this so i can look in the windows files on the non bootable HD and see if there where any driver issues ect. What happens is, even if i tell bios i want to boot windows from the working installation it always boots the non working vista.

    It cant be an activation issue as the copy which im not on has been actived successfully.

    Im at a loss and i really do feel like breaking down.



    Can somebody help me?






    Vista 64 Business OEM | EVGA 680i | DualCore Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 | BFG 8800 GTX x 2 SLI | Samsung SM-305T 30" Widescreen LCD Monitor | DDRII OCZ 4GB 1066MHz SLI|Western Digital Raptor SATA 16 | Corsair TurboFlash 1GB Vista ReadyBoost

    Thursday, November 27, 2008 4:13 PM


  • Hi,


    You indicates that the system is an OEM Windows Vista Business 64bit. Do you mean that it came with any OEM computers you purchased before? Please let us know.


    In most of situations, OEM systems are only compatible with their OEM computers. If the system is a computer manufacturer system, it should not work with the computer that is built by yourself. If there is any retail version Windows Vista system available, I suggest that you install it on the problematic computer, and check if the issue still occurs.


    If the issue still occurs after you install the retail version Windows Vista system, please boot with the retail installation DVD, and enter Windows Recovery Environment, then launch Command Prompt. Please let us know if you could access the hard drive with commands.

    Monday, December 1, 2008 6:03 AM