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  • So i have an issue where when i boot a computer up on a wired network connection from home it is automatically starting both the IPHTTPS and Teredo interfaces. I can see both IP addresses in the Web Monitor and when I do a NSLOOKUP I an seeing both addresses as well.

    Even when a user logs into the DA client I can see both interfaces up and they never resolve back to just one.

    Now if I am logged into the DA client and then disable and enable the NIC ... the interface just comes up with the teredo tunnel.

    Why am I getting both interfaces enabled when starting my DA client... this is going to cause big issues when deployed on a larger scale.

    Saturday, December 3, 2011 12:37 AM

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  • Sometimes Teredo takes too long to make a successful connection and so IP-HTTPS picks up the slack. However, that dosen't mean that Teredo stops trying, and so sometimes they both show up as connected because Teredo connects as well eventually. I do not know what the exact time limit is for this behavior or whether or not it is configurable, but I have never had this cause a problem per se - as the client is still connecting successfully just with a less efficient protocol.

    IP-HTTPS also likes to "remember" its connection sometimes - it's pretty common that if IP-HTTPS was connected before a computer goes into standby, that IP-HTTPS automatically connects again when coming back out of standby, even if the client is now on a Teredo capable network. However, usually either disabling/enabling the NIC or restarting clears that up - which is not what you are experiencing if it happens to you when you boot.

    Tuesday, December 6, 2011 7:39 PM