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  • We have UAG installed at SP1 level using NLB on a 2 server Farm. There is a requirement to move this to SP4 due to IE11 and Windows 8.1.

    Can I upgrade the master server to SP4 after Drain Stopping the master server then move all the sessions back to the master and upgrade the slave server to SP4 and restart.  OR do I have to upgrade each server to the new SP level before moving to the next SP level on the MASTER. i.e.  MASTER to SP2   then slave to SP2,  then Master to SP3 then Slave to SP3, then the master to SP4 then the slave to SP4. With all the Drain stop/resumes in between (these are taking approx. 10 hrs to complete (tested by drain stopping the master server)


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  • Hello,

    Here's the Upgrade Path for your environnment :

    • Service Pack 1 Update 1
    • Service Pack 2
    • Service Pack 3
    • Service Pack 3 Update 1

    For each steps follow this recommandation :


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    Thursday, January 23, 2014 9:11 AM
  • Hi Kahliala,

    I am going through a UAG upgrade just now and I have succesfully upgraded the Array Master and 1 array member. We have 3 UAG servers

    You have to follow a very specific path with very specific actions

    This is what I have done and it worked. While you upgrade the Array Master to the latest version all users will use the array member which is a perfectly functional UAG. The problem comes when you want to upgrade the member. After you have upgraded the master the member will be unmanageable. So you have to kill all sessions and upgrade the member

    Make sure you activate after every upgrade or you will use the trunk

    On Array Master

    1. Drain NLB on web monitor 
    2. Suspend NLB on web monitor
    3. (Might be optional for you) Using the management Console export the UAG configuration and save it 
    4. (Might be optional for you) Take disk image of the server C: drive 
    5. Stop UAG Log service
    6. Install TMG SP2
    7. Reboot
    8. Activate
    9. Stop UAG Log service
    10. Install TMG SP2 Rollup 3
    11. Reboot
    12. Activate
    13. Install UAG SP1 Update 1
    14. Reboot
    15. Activate twice – The first time you get an NLB error
    16. Install UAG SP2
    17. Reboot
    18. Activate twice – The first time you get an NLB error
    19. Install UAG SP3
    20. Reboot
    21. Activate twice – The first time you get an NLB error
    22. Install UAG SP3 Rollup 1
    23. Reboot
    24. Activate twice – The first time you get an NLB error
    25. Install UAG SP4
    26. Reboot
    27. Activate twice – The first time you get an NLB error
    28. Stop and start the NLB on web monitor

    29. On Array Member

    30. Stop NLB on web monitor – This will kick everyone off the UAG – You can’t drain stop as TMG is broken due to different versions
    31. From the array manager remove member from the array
    32. On array member start the UAG management console and remove the server from the array
    33. Using your iLO or your KVM add the server you are RDPing from to the TMG Remote Management Servers in FW policies
    34. Stop UAG Log service
    35. Install TMG SP2
    36. Reboot
    37. Stop UAG log service
    38. Install UAG SP1 Update 1
    39. Install UAG SP2
    40. Install UAG SP3

    41. Install UAG SP3 Rollup 1
    42. Install SP4
    43. On array manager add member to the array to the array and close the console
    44. On array member start the UAG management console and add the server to the array
    45. On array manager run Activation

    Useful links

    Anyway UAG is a nightmare to upgrade...good luck

    Monday, January 27, 2014 4:30 PM
  • Correction:

    Step 30 you can't stop the NLB on web monitor, you have to suspend it using the NLB snap-in

    Monday, January 27, 2014 4:33 PM