Group by isn't totaling the cost1 field at the Master schedule inserted project level. Also, I am getting a ERROR# in the inserted project of the Master schedule RRS feed

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    I am sending this along again as I didn't receive a solution. Perhaps, there isn't one but thought I would try again.

    I have a master schedule with 30 sub projects all inserted. There are a few other tasks in the Master itself but not many. Other than those few tasks everything else is just inserted projects.

    I am listing the following fields in a view I created....The view has a filter which filters out the non payement tasks( 0 in the cost1 field), and the group by.

    The fields in the view are.....Payment line#, Project, Project/UID, Task Name, Payment $ amount(Cost1), Baseline Finish, Finish, Actual Finish. I have the Cost1 field set to rollup and to sum in every sub project and in the Master.

    I have 30 inserted projects with around 3  to 10 payment tasks in each independent sub project. there are many other tasks but they just aren't payment tasks.

    I want to group by project ( the 30 sub projects) showing a total $ amount for each of those projects as well as the payment tasks themselves and than a rolled up value at the top.

    The issue that I am having is that it only shows the Cost1 field rolled up in the Master schedule but it doesn't show the cost1 field rolled up at each inserted project line. The Cost1 field at the Master schedule inserted project line shows ERROR# and the "Group by" simply shows the payment tasks with teh payment amounts but the field is 0 in the project break. I gorup the financials tasks by project which it just doesn't show the copst1 field rolled up values.

    If I select another field like Work to show on the group by    by project it does calculate the totals.

    Any idea what is going on here?



    Tuesday, May 3, 2011 1:23 AM


  • Hotmail1,

    I guess I don't quite understand what you are and are not seeing. I set up a simple structure of 2 subprojects with a few tasks in each. I entered values in the Cost1 field for selected tasks. I then inserted those projects into a master and rolled everything up for the Cost1 field. I filtered on tasks with non-zero Cost1 values and I grouped by project. As far as I can tell I see everything you indicate you want. I see Cost1 rolled up at the insertion point summary lines in the master, I see Cost1 rolled up in each group summary line and I see Cost1 rolled up at the top summary line in the master.

    Since you are getting an error message, it is apparent you don't have something set up correctly. However, trying to figure out what that may be is rather difficult without actually seeing your file. Would it be possible for you to set up a simple structure (e.g. a couple subprojects and a master) that demonstrates your issue and then send those files to me? I really don't need nor want your whole structure. If you can do that, just zip the files and send to the address below. I will ask some questions.



    (remove obvious redundancies)

    Tuesday, May 3, 2011 2:58 AM