Identified migrated files with "~$" prefix RRS feed

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  • We've been migrating content for various teams from server to SharePoint Online sites.  One team has come back after reviewing the migrations and have identified various files with the prefix "~$" i.e. "~$filename.docx". I've been unable to identify these files in the source (server) but they are appearing on SharePoint but will not open. Any ideas where these files what these files are?

    Usually I've seen these files on a server when a user is editing it. I've never seen these files migrate when I've used other migration tools.   To confuse matters I've also looked at the source to compare to the destination and neither the "~$" or the original seem to exist.  My guess at the moment is the user had files open or deleted during the migration so the tool migrated these files somehow?  Just looking for clarity or info if anyone know or has seen this before?

    Friday, October 18, 2019 11:39 AM