Monthly 10 year tape retention now working as expected - Retention range defaults back to 1 month RRS feed

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    I'm trying to run long term monthly file server backups to tape.  My goal is to keep Monthly backups for 10 Years.  I'd like to store as much history in the database / catalog as possible. 

    I click 'Customize' under recovery goals and set as follows.

    • Recovery Goal 1: Back up every 1 Week, retention range 4 weeks, 1 backup copy.
    • Recovery Goal 2: Backup every 1 Month, retention range 120 months, 1 backup copy.
    • Recovery Goal 3, Backup every 1 Year, retention range 10 years, 1 backup copy.

    When I click 'OK' and exit the window.  The 'Retention range' is 10 Years.  (Greyed out).   I continue through the wizard and 'Update Group'.  However when I go back and 'Modify Group' again the retention range shows '1 Months'!   I checked my recovery points and sure enough I don' see any going back longer than a month!

    My 'Tape Catalog retention' for the PG is set to 'Prune catalog when protection group retention expires'.  I have setting Alter me when DPM database size reaches 10 GB checked. Its currently 1.98 GB.  

    Please help me understand what is going on with my Monthly backups!  Is what I want to do even possible?  Just when I think I am getting to understand DPM it kicks you in the butt!


    p.s. side question what is a reasonable size to allow the DPM database to grow before it stops working!?

    Thursday, June 23, 2016 1:58 PM

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