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  • Hi Guys,

    a customer of mine is moving to Windwos 10 1803 now and so far everything is great except the behavior with the "Quick Access", compared to the current "Favourites" view in Windows 7 from user perspective. There is DFS root, which each user gets mapped and accesses, according to the configured permissions. The challenge is that all users (currently working on Win7) are used to drag and drop the folders they work most often with to the "Favourites" pane in windows 7 and then rename them. Because of the link type (shortucts vs. symbolic link) under Windows 7 the folder can be renamed (the rename happens only on the client side) and the user can continue working with all the files, located under the path. Now, with Windows 10 when the user renames the folder, which has been dragged and dropped under "Quick Access" the user is renaming the folder on the DFS share directly, which automatically makes it innaccessible for all other users. 

    So in summary:

    Windows 7

    • A DFS folder gets dragged to "Favourites"
    • The user renames the folder under "Favourites"
    • The user is able to work with the files, located in the folder
    • All other users can also access the same DFS path and work with the files there

    Windows 10

    • A DFS folder gets dragged to "Quick Access"
    • The user renames the folder under  "Quick Access"
    • The user is able to work with the files, located in the folder
    • All other are NOT able to work with the filles in the same folder, because the path has changed.

    Any ideas on how to approach that are more then welcome! Is there any way of having the same user experience as in Windows 7 in this particular case?

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    Many thanks in advance!

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    Thursday, October 10, 2019 8:04 AM