Migrate IE trusted sites Setting | User can add trusted sites by themselves.


  • Hello Everyone , 
    We have 2 policy in our environment for trusted sites. One let user add trusted sites and other don't.
    Target : Let users add the trusted sites on the GP which don't allow at the moment .
    GPO setting for Trusted sites of Internet Explorer in our environment   : 
    Method 1  :  
    GP Name with these setting “XX” (method 1 ) 
     The users which are part of this group won’t have the ability to be able add trusted sites as the option will be greyed out due to the following setting used in the above policy : 
    “User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Internet Explorer\Internet Control Panel\Security Page”.
    -Double-click on Site to zone assignment list, enable the setting and add the trusted sites.
    à Using this method, then end-users will NOT be able to add their own sites to any zone. Options to add sites on client machine will be greyed out after IE7 version. 
    In IE6, it appears not grey  and seems end-user still can add other web sites. In fact, they will find their update disappear just now after they re-enter the “Internet Properties” page.
    Method 2  : 
                 GP Name with these setting : “YY”  (method 2)
    User will have the ability to add trusted sites themselves due to the following  method used : 
    “User Configuration\Policies\Windows Settings\ Internet Explorer Maintenance\Security”. 
    - Double-click Security Zones, click Continue or cancel if prompted. Click “Import the current security zones and privacy settings” when promoted, then click Modify Settings.
                   à Using this method, the users on which the policy is applied will have the capability to retain old added trusted sites and add trusted sites even when policy is applied.
    Now what changes should I make in group policy XX so that users are able to add trusted site by themselves.
    Do I have to migrate XX policy to follow Method 2 ( if so , how ) or there is any other way out.

    Tuesday, July 28, 2015 7:50 PM

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