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  • Hi -  our Personnel department have a ever-growing doc library with 4,000+ docs relating to employees within our organisation. As they usually want to look at docs relating to a specific employee, I've set up a page with a SharePoint List filter and a connected web part that displays the appropriate docs. So they are able to select an employee from the filter list and that employee's docs show in the web part. All fine so far. However, if they open a document, the page refreshes, the filter clears and they need to select the employee again if they want to look at more docs for that employee. Frustrating.

    Is there anyway that SharePoint can maintain state and remember the current filter selection? Or are there any other solutions I could use? I am looking for something out of the box or free web part - no scope/budget for custom development/3rd party tool.


    Tuesday, January 7, 2014 4:57 PM


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  • Given that you have no budget for anything custom, a modification in user process would be the best bet for achieving user happiness.  Given your description, it sounds like you are using Office Web Apps to display the documents.

    Guide your users to use the following process:

    1. Select target user from the dropdown. (Results are shown)
    2. Right click on the document you wish to view.
    3. Click "Open in a new tab" from the popup menu that was displayed by the right click.
    4. Once you've read the document, simply close the tab to return to the result set.

    The other alternative, if your users have Office installed on the computers, is to configure the particular library to open Office documents in the client application rather than the browser.  This will popup Word to view documents, rather than display them in the browser and will have the same net effect as the process above, with the exception being that you don't have to alter your user process at all.

    I trust that answers your question...


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    Tuesday, January 7, 2014 9:56 PM
  • Thanks for you reply. The doc library is already configured to open docs in the client application. When the user closes document they have opened (even just a read only version), the SharePoint page still refreshes, losing the selected employee value. The same behaviour also happens when editing the document properties.

    Opening in new tab is an option I hadn't considered and that works for viewing/editing documents, but not if just wanting to edit document properties, so probably not an option. Will mark your reply as answer though, as this may be the solution for someone else.

    I have come up with a rather convoluted solution that the Personnel dept are happy with. I doubt that anyone else would be interested in knowing about this, but will post it if anyone asks. As long as it's before 2015 when hopefully we'll be on SharePoint 2013.

    Wednesday, January 8, 2014 9:54 AM
  • Hi qaaweb,

    SharePoint by default doesn’t provide function to do this. The workaround I can provide is: use cookie to store the control value, or stop the specific page to auto refresh.

    Regarding this two workaround, stop the page refresh may not be suitable, as if editing the documents, or editing the item properties, if the page is not refreshed, it is not easy to see the changes immediately.

    I suggest to do some customizations on the page using JQuery/JavaScript, use cookie to store and keep the value.

    Keep a JavaScript variables value after a page refresh:

    How to prevent SharePoint refreshing the page when you close a document:




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