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    Currently have lite *cough cough* using Jason Sandy's (hi by the way Jason) great UI++ which is working well, however we are transitioning and require Zero Touch for build factory and other reasons.

    Requirement is for W10 Zero Touch OSD Bare Metal, we have no MAC address, have do have access to new computer BIOS and can get asset number, model and SMBIOS info (as far as I am aware, SMBIOS or asset is fine for unique identifier) and I can use the vendor utility in WinPE to get this info, and if found populate the variables required for naming, adding to AD etc.

    The only known variable is the asset number.

    We will be having multiple hardware variants for different users or departments.
    We have UI++ doing some nice background work - where the GUI is used to populate the variables required for the typical scenarios, such as correct OU, name of computer etc.
    So far, so good, no problem, however as mention we need ZTI plus the functionality of Service Now/Sharepoint /Webservice to populate the variables usually set manually. Why? We may ned to build 10, 100, 500 computers but have to wait for vendor etc.
    Whats the easiest way to do this with CM/MDT/UI+ ?? Or is there a better way?
    I thought of this:
    A new user & hardware request is started, webservice or service now or simialr is used to populate the MDT DB with user, locale, business etc. These variables are the ones normally created using the UI++

    If the new computer hardware model booted via PXE (pre start command checks the gateway address is correct to continue with ZT, if no match, goes into UI++, or just use the TS with this as a step? )matches information for the new hardware request in the DB, it assigns the asset that is burnt into the BIOS to that DB entry, and uses all the information in the MDT DB.

    So we use the MDT database to populate the required variables and add custom tables that meet our requirements, data is stored in the DB until the factory connects hardware, and if hardware matches the DB requirements, it continues with build.
    We will have multiple departments with different software and hardware requirements, so at the moment, building computers is a manual process by 1st line with the correct hardware already known for the user.
    My method matches model to asset number info in MDT as part of the rules, and then assigns the correct user & software etc , final screen shows the user, locale etc. for shipping by vendor.
    We could be ordering 10 or 1000 at a time, so is there a easier way of doing this? Due to complexity of software and a design decision to have the computer ready on the desk, we are not using a pre-staged image, which was my suggestion....
    Any help greatly appreciated :) as maybe I have gone down a rabbit hole on this one........

    many thanks

    Sunday, October 28, 2018 4:43 AM


  • Thanks Larry

    I'm going to sue Orchestrator, MDT and go from there, I will update this when complete


    many thanks

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