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    Good Morning,


    I'm trying to build a NAP 802.1X Lab using the step-by-step guide (reviewd many times).


    This is my problem is: 


    The Client1 (Windows Vista NO SP) fails to authenticate but i can't find any error messages in the Log of Client1, NPS1 and DC1.


    Using Network Monitor on NPS1  I see the EAP message Access Rejected 0x3 from NPS1 to SWITCH after a "correct" EAP Message Access Request from the switch (SMC 6624)


    Are there only the Windows (both NPS1,CLIENT1) logs where i can search for? Is it possible to raise the verbosity of them? Any other clue...


    Thanks for help


    Paolo Brazzale


    Thursday, January 17, 2008 5:12 PM