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    Manage devices with Intune for corporate devices.

    Generally, we have below enrollment methods:

    BYOD is used for when device ownership is personal, for each enrollment type we can refer to below document: by clicking “More information”

    By following enrollment methods, iOS devices can be marked as corporate and managed by IT admins vis Intune.

    Device Enrollment Program:
    DEP lets you enroll large numbers of devices without ever touching them. Devices like iPhones and iPads can be shipped directly to users. When the user turns on the device, Setup Assistant runs with preconfigured settings and the device enrolls into management.

    Note: DEP enrollment doesn't work with the device enrollment manager.

    For details please refer to below document:

    DEM enrollment:
    You can enroll up to 1,000 mobile devices with a single Azure Active Directory account by using a device enrollment manager (DEM) account. DEM is an Intune permission that can be applied to an AAD user account and lets the user enroll up to 1,000 devices. A DEM account is useful for scenarios where devices are enrolled and prepared before handing them out to the users of the devices. By design, there's a limit of 25 Device Enrollment Manager (DEM) accounts in Microsoft Intune.

    For details please refer to below document:

    Enrollment with Apple Configurator:
    Intune supports the enrollment of iOS devices using Apple Configurator running on a Mac computer. Enrolling with Apple Configurator requires that you USB-connect each iOS device to a Mac computer to set up corporate enrollment. 

    Note: Apple Configurator enrollment methods can't be used with the device enrollment manager.

    For details, please refer to below document:

    Further Reference
    Set up iOS device enrollment with Apple School Manager for education purpose:

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    Monday, October 14, 2019 2:35 AM