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  • This is a small bug that has been around since windows xp.

    Appears in XP, Vista and now 7.

    To cause the bug:
    - Add a folder (with something in it) to the taskbar
    - Move the folder to the left hand side (next to the start menu with the tasks listed tightly on the right hand side of it)
    - Lock the taskbar

    What I want to see is the name of the folder with an arrow to show me the list of what is in it.
    I see this, but I also get a 2-3 pixel area or more between the arrow and the folder name that highlights on hover.
    This is actually the first item in the folder being shown. If you click on this then that item will be opened.

    However, if you dont lock your taskbar, this item isn't shown.
    it seems that when the lock occurs it is allowing more room for the folder to be displayed because the item handle is removed.

    Can this please be fixed up, I dont like clicking on the arrow and accidently clicking that first item.
    Also looks pretty ____ when half of an item is being shown on the taskbar.
    Monday, November 23, 2009 4:43 AM

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  • Hi Drdrak3,

    I cannot repro the issue by following the description above. Could you please capture a screenshot for this issue and post it here?

    Thank you for your cooperation.
    Tuesday, November 24, 2009 8:32 AM