Duplicate rinters while viewing Printer Queu or properties


  • Dear Technet,

    Our customer has a huge problem right now. They use Windows 2012 R2 servers as their Terminal Servers, which works great. However, the printer deployment doesn't.

    At this moment one particular user receives duplicated printer connections ( see attachment/image ), which causes printing issues. Because of the duplicated printer sessions, the user cannot print documents through this printer.

    So the question is, why does the user see duplicated printer connections?

    The configuration:
    We made a GPO called "Printers", it has multiple Preference policies in it. One policy deletes all the current printer connections, and the other one's creates shared printers.

    Could someone help me out? :/

    Attachmen: prntscr.c0m/8vw4ak

    Tuesday, October 27, 2015 1:40 PM

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