Can you Log-off using hotkeys? RRS feed

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  • Hi, I've got a problem - Vista 32bit - Dell Vostro Laptop 1510.

    My system was doing a Virus Scan of the HD; was about 50% through after some hours - so I decided to close off some apps and disconnected the Router, etc. & did this while it was paused. I didn't have my mem util running so RAM in use I noticed was about 70% at the time.

    It was still scanning slowly - so at about 75% through a couple odd hours later I also decided to open Task Manager to close off some other things - but I neglected to pause it first this time. For a short while the HD light stayed on continuously, but then the screen went black.

    It hasn't crashed. I still have the HD flashing like it's reading/scanning - the caps lock key turns the caps on light on - but I've now left if overnight and although occasionally I see the Wallpaper flash on the monitors for an instant (perhaps coz I hit F5 every so often), it doesn't seem to be returning. the Ctrl-Alt-Del combination is disabled btw.

    I don't want to shut down with the power button if I can avoid it - although I don't think there'd be anything likely writing to the HD really. but I thought maybe there's some key combination that'd force it to log-off?

    I'm tempted to send it to sleep - that might work - but I just thought I'd ask this log-off question first.. Obviously I'm not writing this from the Laptop. :)

    Anyways - if there is a key sequence to force a log-off please advise.

    Thanks for any ideas. Pkn

    Friday, August 5, 2011 7:28 AM


  • No- only way back was via power down. I'll see if I can find how to enable ctrl-alt-del function first...pkn

    Friday, August 5, 2011 1:47 PM