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  • In the below sample script how can i send out an email only when disk space is less than 10%.The below script works fine but it always sends out an e-mail when it executes manually even if the disk space is more than 10%.Can anyone explain what is wrong in the script?

    $DiskReport = ForEach ($Servernamesin ($File))     {Get-WmiObject win32_logicaldisk <#-Credential $RunAccount#> `  -ComputerName $Servernames-Filter"Drivetype=3" `  -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue |#return only disks with#free space less  #than or equal to 0.1 (10%)    Where-Object {   ($_.freespace/$_.size) -le '0.1'}    }       #create reports$DiskReport|Select-Object @{Label = "Server Name";Expression = {$_.SystemName}},  @{Label = "Drive Letter";Expression = {$_.DeviceID}},  @{Label = "Total Capacity (GB)";Expression = {"{0:N1}"-f( $_.Size / 1gb)}},  @{Label = "Free Space (GB)";Expression = {"{0:N1}"-f( $_.Freespace / 1gb ) }},  @{Label = 'Free Space (%)'; Expression = {"{0:P0}"-f ($_.freespace/$_.size)}} |#Export report to CSV file (Disk Report)Export-Csv-path "\\Servername\ServerStorageReport\DiskReport\DiskReport_$logDate.csv"-NoTypeInformation        #Send disk report using the exchange email module      Import-Module "\\Servername\ServerStorageReport\ExchangeModule\Exchange.ps1"-ErrorAction SilentlyContinue   

    # Attach and send CSV report (Most recent report will be attached)$messageParameters = @{                                          Subject = "Weekly Server Storage Report"                                          Body = "Attached is Weekly Server Storage Report. The scipt has been amended to return only servers with free disk space less than or equal to 10%. All reports are located in \\Servername\ServerStorageReport\DiskReport\, but the most recent  is sent weekly"From = "Email name1 <Email.name1@domainname.com>"                                          To = "Email name1 <Email.name1@domainname.com>"                  CC = "Email name2 <Email.name2@domainname.com>"                  Attachments = (Get-ChildItem \\Servername\ServerStorageReport\DiskReport\*.*|sort LastWriteTime |select-last 1)                                     SmtpServer = "SMTPServerName.com"                                      }     Send-MailMessage @messageParameters -BodyAsHtml            

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  • Please read the following and fix you post accordingly:

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    You also need to correctly format the code so that it is properly indented and readable.  As posted it is badly broken and cannot be easily read or copied.


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  • 10% as a number looks like this;

    Where-Object {$_.freespace/$_.size -le 0.1}

    You cannot use strings for numbers.


    Tuesday, September 10, 2019 7:37 AM
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