Windows 10 1809 can not be installed on an empthy clear disk drive, with a Toshiba Laptop Qosmio G30 and Raid hardware controller RRS feed

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  • I do have a Toshiba Laptop Qosmio G30-189 with a RAID Controller hardware build in, in Version Windows 10 1803 as also any version before as also under Windows 7, the user is prompted with the installation of a DVD, to install a driver for accessing the harddisk, without the driver Kr10n.sys, this is absolutely necessary, otherwise no installation of the software is possible, and no disk(s) can be accessed, this is fact.

    With the new installation of Windows 10 1809 (autumn edition 2018) this installation is not prompting to install a driver and is hanging after several minutes trying to access hard disks it is coming back, with the error, that no disks can be accessed!  This is an error in win10 1809 for sure, or??????

    Same effect is having a Windows 10 1803 on a seperate hard disk installed and trying to udate to 1809, either by DVD (prepared before with the download of the ISO File) or over the Media Creation Tool, at the time the system is trying to boot for the first time, it is hanging.

    Only a current switch off is possible, after a new start and bringig Windows up again, waiting longer time, a window pops up with the information, the 

    system was reseted to the version from before and error code 0xC1900101 - 0x20017, an identication to a drriver is missing....., In the PhaseSAFE-OS during the BOOT this error happens - this was never an update problem in any windows 10 updates since the beginning Windows 10 on the marked with any updates, just now with 1809 level.

    Indication in this forum to delete the Toshiba Driver (Kr*.sys) from the Windows/System32/drivers   is not having an effect, even deleting from the registry is NOT Possible, the REGEDT Tool is not letting you delete those entries!!!!! Because they are absolutely needed by the system. If I delete, the possible to delete, Items (on disk and/or registry) that is it!!! the system can NOT GET UP anymore, and you may be happy to have a backup from before to restore this hard drive, then resets by save registry not possible anymore, because you can not bring windows 10 up anymore... R.I.P!!!!!

    SO, I wait now for Microsoft to bring a correction of windows 10 1809 to have an new ISO file created to install windows 10 1809 on a new fresh drive, wich is also not possible.... and-/ or a correction to do an update from 1803 to 1809!!!

    What is Microsoft telling me know what do do now?

    When is Microsoft bringing a correction to those problems

    Tuesday, December 18, 2018 8:05 AM

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  • In addition to my request from before, here some more detailed information around the error code- pops up after a boot (for accessing a clear formated new disk attached to the RAID Hardware controller, as JBOD (any hard disk connected and not RAID-0 or any other definition from the BIOS 3.9 of this Toshiba Qosmio G30-189):

    A blue screen with wit lettering shows:



    There was a problem with a device connected to your PC. An unexpected I/O error has occured

    ERROR CODE: 0xC00000e9

    This problem can happen when a removable storage device is removed while it's in use or is failing. Proberly connecting any removable storage and restarting your PC, fix this problem.

    Press Enter again

    Press F8 for startup Settings


    Either press ENTER of F8, both results in restarting again from the DVD Windows 10 1809 prepared and download from Microsoft as ISO File (twice done, 2 DVDs prepared) on 2018.12.14) and brings the same message with error code 0xC00000e9.

    Instead of the message above, the system should show a pop up window, giving the user the possibility to use an USB Stick with RAID Driver KR19n.SYS on it, and issue the search option for a driver to be issued in that pop up window, together with the selection of a found hard disk (Tosiba Qosmio has 2 hard drives build in), and then the installation can start correct as wass done in 1803 lvele as all levels from Windows 10 before.....

    Best regards: Dozibra

    Tuesday, December 18, 2018 10:25 AM
  • PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE.... do NOT call be after mid-night in Germany as you have done last night (5 times), look at the world clock, and call me back on a cristian time.... or even better, give me an answer please in this tracking... best regards, Dozibra
    Wednesday, December 19, 2018 9:32 AM
  • Is anybody from Microsoft looking into this?  Since I did not got any answer yet, please let me have a status on my request, please,please,please? - Thanks you so much.
    Monday, January 7, 2019 2:55 PM