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    I am planning to migrate to new SBS 2011 Server but I need some additional information, even microsoft sales guys are not confident about some of the questions and i've got different answers from different suppliers so just thought may be MVP's can help


    SBS 2011 includes SQL Server and a 2nd Windows Server 2008.

    1. Can the SQL Server be installed on the primary SBS 2011 server (instead of the 2nd one)? 
    2. Can you run multiple instances of the SQL Server (on the same physical machine)? 
    3. Can the 2nd Win Server 2008 be used to run Forefront TMG ?
    4. Are the premium CALs needed to access the 2nd Windows Server 2008 or only the SQL Server (ie if we use the second Windows 2008 Server just to run TMG, will the users accessing TMG need no CALs, standard SBS CAL or Premium SBS CAL?)
    5. The SBS 2nd Win Server 2008 supports the Hyper V role. Do you then need another Win Server 2008 for each virtual machine you create, or can the 2nd Win Server 2008 be installed multiple times as virtual machines? 
    6. Do you need additional CALs or will the SBS 2011 Standard CALs give access to this server? 


      Forefront TMG 

    1.  Are there any additional subscription services /licence needed for TMG (for virus/malware protection updates etc.)?

    Forefront for Exchange

    1. How exactly does forefront for exchange licence work ?




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  • Everyone loves a licensing question dont they?

    Lets have a stab at it.


    OK so SBS 2011 Premium Addon, is what includes a license for a second 2008 R2 Standard Server AND SQL 2008 for Small Business.


    Premium CALS as i understand it, are only needed for those users accessing SQL.

    Yes i think you can install SQL on the SBS but i would advise against it. Multiple Instances of SQL, that i am not sure of, but if it is support by the version of SQL that comes with premium, then sure, why not.


    Yes you can install FTMG on the second server, obviously that is a seperate purchase. If your users have SBS Cals they should be ok here.


    For HyperV i think there is a 1+1 license here, which means you can use the second server as the host, then that same license again for one VM, but that may be more of a general HyperV license question than an SBS specefic one.

    Hope this at leasts gives you a little clarification, ill see i if i can get somone else to chip in!


    Robert Pearman SBS MVP (2010)
    Thursday, March 10, 2011 3:52 PM