What is your preferred method of remote bare metal hyper-v 2012 server imaging


  • I need to remotely provision (image) 32 Dell 620 servers (they have iDRAC installed), I will have system center 2012. I was thinking PXE boot and place images on the servers. I know I can use the iDRAC to remote boot a virtual ISO file and install the OS that way. I am looking for a better faster and more pre-configured OS way.

    I am used to using Shadow Protect (ghost like product) and making and placing 0 and 1 disk images on servers, I would like to continue along that vein. But with added ability to PXE boot and image the server that way. I am looking into clonezilla and want any thoughts of success or failures with server 2012 deployment.

    I understand that you can use system center 2012 to deploy images to your bare metal servers (lots of moving parts and looks pretty complicated) and that it will then deploy a VHD image file to your server. I am assuming that means it will boot to the VHD file (hyper-v light) . I have heard this slows down disk read\writes and can cause some issues.

    Thoughts with clear instructions please. Only link me to a website if it helps you to not type so much.

    Also looking into the DELL KACE server.

    Can anyone tell me if I need system center only or if I need Configuration Manager to image servers?? visit my blog

    Wednesday, September 25, 2013 4:49 PM

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