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  • I have a client that is running a peachtree accounting package on a XP Pro (32) machine.  The Xp machine is part of a small workgroup (5XP machines).

    Anyone know the answer to the question of running a virtual XP machine on an SBS 2011 essentials machine without needing to load hyper V?

    I am looking at putting in an SBS 2011 essentials server (no email just file share, backup, domain control, application).  I know I can virtualize the XP machine but I want to know if I can run the virtual XP machine on the proposed SBS 2011 essentials machine.  More specifically I want to know if I can run Virtual PC or XP mode on the SBS without needing buy the enhancements package and try to load Hyper V.  Being able to run the Accounting machine on the new hardware and SBS would give some immediate and needed advantages.  When the new Peachtree is setup on the SBS we would retire the virtual machine.


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  • I don't believe you can use Virtual PC on any version of Server 2008 R2 (including SBS 2011 Essentials). And you are not permitted to use SBS 2011 Essentials as a Hyper-V host under the terms of your EULA.

    You could however install VMWare Player onto your server and install an XP guest. However you may not be able to virtualize your existing XP machine because most likely the XP licence on that machine is an OEM licence meaning it is linked to the hardware and may not be transferred. So you would likely need to buy a second-hand full licence (not OEM) of XP on ebay or somewhere similar.

    Thursday, February 23, 2012 2:23 AM