Adding Exchange 2013 Edge Transport to an existing Exchange 2007 organization


  • Dear experts,

    My setup consists currently of 2 Exchange 2007 SP3 (latest UR) servers in the same site (CAS+HUB+MBX on each machine). There is currently no Edge Transport role, however we need to deploy one asap due to some business reasons.

    The full migration to Exchange 2013 is planned for early next year, so for the moment I only want the Edge 2013 role in my existing Exchange 2007 organization.

    My question is whether or not I can already install the Exchange 2013 Edge Transport server in DMZ (not domain joined) and have the mailflow to/from my existing Exchange 2007 organization going through this new Exchange 2013 Edge Transport without installing yet any Exchange 2013 FE/BE server.

    Many thanks for your answers!

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  • Hi 

    Yes its possible 

    If you want to create an EdgeSync Subscription between an Exchange 2007 Hub Transport server and an Exchange 2013 SP1 Edge Transport server, you need to install Exchange 2007 SP3 Update Rollup 13 or later on the Exchange 2007 Hub Transport server.

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