KeyboardLocale and SystemLocale during UDI Wizard (MDT 2013) RRS feed

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    We're using SCCM 2012 R2 integrated with MDT 2013

    we deploy Windows 7 with Task Sequence process with UDI Wizard

    we have 2 main problems regarding the Language Settings

    1. in the wizard we define UserLocale, KeyboardLocale and UILanguage, OSDTimeZone
    what about SystemLocale ? which is very basic to set, but there is no built-in combobox for it.
    the only workaround I can come up with is to build a custom page with that setting but it is hard to create a combobox with all the available languages, even when editing the XML directly and not via the UI.

    2. if I set the KeyboardLocale to Hebrew for example in the Wizard, the SMS environment variable is set to 0409:0000040d
    this causes the deployment to end with Hebrew installed with US keyboard layout. which is wrong! 
    I expect the value to be 040d:0000040d (Hebrew keyboard with Hebrew layout)
    which brings me to another question... how can I define multi keyboards? because my actual goal is to have English as my default keyboard language and to have Hebrew as a secondary keyboard.
    it is not Hebrew in particular. we deploy Windows in 20 different sites worldwide and English should be always be the default language and we want to add another local additional language

    I added a script that modifies the keyboardlocale and converts it from 0409:00000### to 0409:00000409;0###:00000###, but I feel like it is too much for this little setting that should be so basic...

    any help will be appreciated. thanks

    Tamir Levy

    Monday, November 10, 2014 11:15 AM