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  • I am having problems with enabling TLS to secure the link between the RStudio client and the R Server.

    I have installed the Microsoft R Server 9.2 on a single standalone local server (using SQL Server 2017 Machine Learning Server), not Azure. Authentication with Active Directory and LDAP/LDAP-S is enabled and works fine as well.

    I am using RStudio as my desktop client to connect to the R Server. There is no immediate plans to use API or Web Services to connect to the server.

    After ensuring the R server is working well, I have then enabled TLS with a local PKI certificate on the R server (using the instructions found at URL:
    At this point the Web node fails to start and gives the following error:

    Microsoft.RServer.App.Common.Exceptions.ConfigurationException: Unable to find certificate in store My\LocalMachine CN = RServerName
       at Microsoft.RServer.App.Common.HttpsFilterConnectionOptionsFactory.GetHttpsConnectionFilterOptions(String certificateStoreName, String certificateStoreLocation, String certificteSubjectName, ClientCertificateMode clientCertificateMode) in C:\swarm\workspace\deployR-9.2\product\server\src\Microsoft.RServer.App.Common\HttpsFilterConnectionOptionsFactory.cs:line 31
       at Microsoft.RServer.App.Common.WebHostSetup.Setup[TStartup](String[] args) in C:\swarm\workspace\deployR-9.2\product\server\src\Microsoft.RServer.App.Common\WebHostSetup.cs:line 45
       at Microsoft.RServer.WebNode.Program.Main(String[] args) in C:\swarm\workspace\deployR-9.2\product\server\src\Microsoft.RServer.WebNode\Program.cs:line 13

    Upon running the Diagnostic Tests, I get this error: Cannot establish connection with the web node. Please check if the web node is running and try to start it if it is not.

    The issue seems to be locating the PKI certificate on the R server. I have used documentation found here to add the certs to the R server's Local Machine store using IIS to Encrypt:

    I have also tried the suggestions at this resource to no avail:

    Monday, July 16, 2018 6:53 PM

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  • For those who may have a similar problem, it turned out that the issue was due to having spaces before and after the equal sign on the following line in appsettings.json:

    'CN = RServerName'

    so changing it to 'CN=RServerName' resolved the issue.

    Wednesday, July 18, 2018 1:10 PM