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  • Unsure if this has been something that I have overlooked or not... If not it seems to be some form of bug/flaw; however, I was able to get it to work...

    OK I had to rant about this. I have spent to much time trying to get this to work only to locate what seems to be a bug in MS or MS & my Vid card drivers (which are current).

    I have dula displays and wanted a single image to span across both. It is understood they image needed to have a width that totaled both displays then select to tile the image. Seems simple enough.

    A number of post have been seen online of people that could not get this to work and even post that it was a known issue that did not have a fix. Horse Hockey to this...

    If I set a image as my background by right clicking on the file, then go to the desktop properties and (control panel, personalization, desktop background) and select tile--the image tiles on the monitor.

    So a 2880x900 image shows up for times on a dual display that has both monitors setup at 1440x900 (two images show up on both screen)

    Now if I DO NOT right click on the image and select set as desktop background ; HOWEVER, just go to control panel, personalization, desktop background and BROWSE to the exact same image that was open (2880x900) select this file and then select the tile display it WORKS!!! One single image shows up spanned across both screens!!!

    Just to make sure I was not going crazy I can go back open the file with any viewer or even just right click on the file and select set as desktop background and the image will tile showing multi copies. Talk about something that wasted way to much of my time!!!!! But atleast both displays look nice now...

    Thanks for reading the rant... Hopefully this helps others now.

    Saturday, August 1, 2009 3:47 AM

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  • I have been a Linux / Windows dual user for years. Linux came out with allowing the image to stretch along desktops years ago. I cannot function without my dual monitors and I really love the Linux functionality. I have searched and searched for this solution … and it is simple.  I wish that Microsoft had given us this option outright.


    Thanks jojo§ for your tip.


    Sunday, January 10, 2010 3:09 AM