Can't Live Stream RRS feed

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    I cannot seem to get live streaming on my 32 bit IE browser.    I used to listen to sites like "listen live" on http://www.y100.com/main.html and www.wkee.com Also I can't see or hear live cnn.com content.   This is stuff a few weeks ago I did often on this computer.      Something strange is I can listen to the stations above if I use the 64 bit IE browser.   But since cnn takes flash I cant of course view cnn.com live on the 64bit IE but I can view cnn old videos on both 32 and 64 bit.   I also stuff like project playlist works fine.  To my knowledge I did not do anything that would cause this.   No new apps installed except ITune for my I phone.   System restore don't help.


    I have a 5 month old new HP DV9000 notebook with Vista 64bit pre installed.   I do have One Care and it's set on auto update and tune up.  Again I was listening to these stations and viewing cnn live content just a month ago on 32 bit IE.   I dont know if this is related or a site problem but youtube has gotten real real slow when viewing videos.  But liveleak tinypic and break is fast as ever.

    Sunday, November 9, 2008 11:53 PM