Internet icon often not showing on taskbar with Mobile Partner RRS feed

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    This started with 1909 (have had NO problems over YEARS with this SAME Mobile Partner dongle in 1709, 1803 or 1903). Mobile Partner (dongle uses Cellular Data Network) is my ONLY Internet connection (WiFi/WLAN disabled: see Network Connections attachment).

    NOTE: Mobile Partner uses very slow firmware, NOT possible to SAFELY update firmware (NONE available from the mfg. Huawei) and my guess is that some steps in the THREE independent processes of Windows startup, Mobile Partner startup and Internet connection get improperly sequenced! That is, Windows 1909 makes some assumptions and is on another step before Mobile Partner is up & running.

    Windows recognizes that it is properly connected to Sunrise via Mobile Partner (attachment) .... for a few days only and then I must uninstall and re-install Mobile Partner! >>

    BECAUSE .... every few days, though Windows is managing the connection (checkbox "Let Windows manage this connection" in Cellular checked; following current Sunrise provider verbal instructions from their Tech section, I do not use a pin code with Mobile Partner) and running and all of the above is unchanged EXCEPT that the proper triangular taskbar icon (shown in attachment between the green circular Mobile Partner icon and the battery icon) .... is NOT THERE! Instead there is a stylized outline globe icon indicating NO Internet connection.

    Clicking on the "no Internet" taskbar globe icon indicates NO Internet connection! But in Network Status and Cellular Settings it shows that it IS connected to the Internet. And it actually IS connected, with full Internet function.

    I found that the only way to keep the proper icon functioning -- and ALL of Windows agreeing that the Internetis connected! -- is to click on the X on the upper right corner of the Mobile Partner window, click to simultaneously disconnect AND turn off Mobile Partner, then very quickly Shut Down or Sleep. However sometimes Windows is a little slow in shutting down and then when re-started, the triangular Internet icon on the taskbar (attachment) is replaced with the globe Internet icon which shows NO Internet connection.

    Anyway, in order to get everything proper again, every few days I have to uninstall Mobile Partner, clean out its Registry entries (when I don't, then the problem happens again sooner) and install Mobile Partner (the setup files are IN the dongle).

    Is there some smart way to FORCE the Internet taskbar icon to appear (when Windows messes up) and to agree with itself that the Internet is connected when it IS connected?

    Thursday, February 6, 2020 4:41 PM

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