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    i was looking at mxtoolbox.com and when i do a mail server test: i get the following information:


    Timeout waiting for response after 15 seconds. : Completed Connect
        Test     Result     Hide
        SMTP Reverse Banner Check      OK - xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx resolves to mail.mycompany.com     
        SMTP Reverse DNS Mismatch     Warning - Reverse DNS does not match SMTP Banner     
        SMTP TLS                                 Warning - Does not support TLS.     
        SMTP Connection Time              0 seconds - Good on Connection time     
        SMTP Open Relay                      OK - Not an open relay.     
        SMTP Transaction Time             15.662 seconds - Not good! on Transaction Time     
    Session Transcript:

    SendSMTPCommand: Timeout waiting for response after 15 seconds.

    We use postini to route incoming mail through their servers first before we being delivered to our mail server.  right now our mail server is setup to send directly out and not through postini outgoing servers.

    We are running exchange 2007 sp3.

    on my outgoing send connector in the EMC the fqdn shows as: mail.mycompany.com


    Pref     Hostname     IP Address     TTL     
    10     mycompany.com.mail5.psmtp.com     2 hrs     Blacklist Check      SMTP Test
    20     mycompany.com.mail6.psmtp.com     2 hrs     Blacklist Check      SMTP Test
    30     mycompany.com.mail7.psmtp.com     2 hrs     Blacklist Check      SMTP Test
    40     mycompany.com.mail8.psmtp.com     2 hrs     Blacklist Check      SMTP Test

    our dns is managed through network solutions. We changed our ISP awhile back to PAETEC now windstream. i have contacted my current ISP and they gave me an email address to send my request to update my PTR record. I thought that it should be mail.mycompany.com (the same that is my fqdn of my mail server). Would that PTR record update resolve my issues that mxtoolbox is pointing out to me in the tests above?

    Monday, April 29, 2013 6:28 PM