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  • We have KMS Host running in the Windows 7. Unfortunately the windows 7 KMS host is down due to unknown reason we're NOT able to recover.

    Now, I'm provsiioning new server to be KMS host server running in Windows 2008  and  I want to activate  this server.

    1. How can I redirect the KMS client to the new KMS sever  ?

     Because, my plan is to activate the new KMS host server using the old client

    2. Do I need remove the entry in the DNS the old KMS host which is NOT exist ?  or optional

    3. What is the impact If I  didn't remove the old KMS in the DNS entry since that Windows 7 KMS Host  workstation is not exist.

    Please advise


    Tuesday, September 17, 2013 5:13 AM

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  • KMSclients will attempt to auto-discover KMShosts vis DNS lookup.
    When a KMShost is established, the KMShost will attempt to create an SRV record for itself, so KMSclients can discover it.

    If you allow the new KMShost to create the DNS SRV record, clients will discover it.
    You should delete the previous DNS record of the not-functional KMShost, this will prevent clients attempting to contact that non-functional KMShost.

    KMSclients which previously discovered and activated to the previous KMshost, will fail to contact the non-functional KMshost, and then perform a new auto-discovery, automatically.

    If you do not remove the old KMShost DNS record, KMSclients will waste time trying to contact the old KMShost for no benefit.

    this article explains related concepts:


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