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  • Dear PS users,

    I am asking you to explain to me what is happening behind the scenes in PS. Please follow this short and simple scenario:

    Step 1.

    I created one task (auto schedule, Fixed duration, constraint type "As soon As possible", 5 day duration, 40 hours of work, starts on monday, finishes on Friday 5)

    Here is the preview:

    And here is the resource usage view:

    Step 2. I published the project from Project Professional to PS and Checked it in from Project professional.

    Step 3. I opened the timesheet of this user and saw the same work hours in Timesheet:

    Step 4. I added 4 actual work hours on monday, and 2 overtime hours. I cliked save and got the following situation, which is totally fine.

    Step 5. I marked the task and clicked send progress for selected task.

    Step 6. I opened my Approval Center, and saw the following image in it for this task. Because everything was according to the timesheet I marked the task and clicked Approve.

    Step 7. I opened the project from PWA, clicked Edit and it showed i had 20% complete, finish date on 5/26/2017. So i think everything is going according to plan and click publish. After the project was published, I checked in the project. 

    Step 8. I went to the timesheet again of the resource which was assigned to this project. Now what I saw here, really shocked me. Project somehow managed to remove all work from Friday and transfer that work to Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Please tell me how is this possible. Both Finish date and %complete are now wrong.

    With best regards,

    Sunday, May 21, 2017 12:22 PM

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  • Answer the following

    1) Is the task fixed work, fixed duration, or fix units

    2) did the project manage approve the time, when the SEND STATUS was submitted?

    3) How many planned hours on task and remaining work?

    4) what type of tracking are you using?  Percent complete, actual work doen and work remaiing, hours workd done per period.

    Michael Wharton, MVP, MBA, PMP, MCT, MCTS, MCSD, MCSE+I, MCDBA
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    Monday, May 22, 2017 1:56 AM
  • Hi Petar,

    please retry. I understand that you are "shocked", since it is not the expected behaviour.

    I tried to reproduce, following exactly your description. Until step 7, I saw exactly the same - as expected. But my timesheet (step 8) also looks as expected, showing hours like in Project plan.

    Is ist possible that someone changed task type or someting else in the plan? Are you able to reproduce your issue?


    Monday, May 22, 2017 6:33 AM
  • Hi Michael,

    Here is the answer. 

    1. Task is Fixed Duration, 

    2. Yes, project manager approved the hours (look at step 6)

    3. Once the resource added hours, it should have been 36 remaining hours. Originally, it was 40 (Steps  1,3 and 4)

    4. Tracking is single entry mode. So its hours of work done per period.

    With best regards,

    Monday, May 22, 2017 7:20 AM