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  • I can't find any other posts with this problem but it may just be that search engines struggle to search for "0" or "0%".

    One specific workstation is running very slowly however CPU usage and memory usage are fairly low.  Usually I find the HDD is the bottleneck and whenever the PC is running very slowly "Highest Active Time" is at 100%.  On this PC however it never moves from 0% even though the Disk I/O is varying between 0KB/sec and 15MB/sec.

    There is only one physical disk in this workstation and it's a standard roughly 500GB HDD with less than 100GB used.

    I ran Malwarebytes yesterday and it found over 600 threats 2 of which were malware.  That could well be unrelated but I thought worth mentioning.

    Running chkdsk found no bad sectors.

    Perhaps the problem is with the resource monitor not the disk and the performance issue is unrelated!

    I'm starting to think I'd be better off wiping the disk and doing a fresh install of windows but I don't want to do that and find out the hard disk is the problem.

    Any other idea's would be appreciated!

    Friday, June 30, 2017 12:27 PM

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  • Hi,

    What’s your device model?

    Slow performance could be caused by many issue. Such as infected with virus or malware, outdated drivers, hardware conflicts, old Windows version, processor overheating, memory size and so on. So perform a full scan and purge the existing threats and malware is useful for promoting performance.

    Also as you know, not enough free hard drive space and hard drive corrupted or fragmented could result in slow performance. We could run Disk Cleanup to clean system disk.

    Please update your Windows to the latest through Windows Update.                                                                                  

    Download the latest device driver from manufacturer website. Then reboot your device.

    Check the issue in a clean boot environment.

    Here is an article about how to optimize Windows performance, please take it as a reference:

    Optimize Windows for better performance


    Best regards,


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    Monday, July 3, 2017 6:54 AM
  • I thought I got an email when there was an reply to my thread so I've only just seen this!

    Hi Joy, thanks for the reply.

    It's a Lenovo Tiny M92 running Windows 7 64bit.  Hard drive is 500GB with 391GB free.  Non of the hardware has been changed since new.

    Unfortunately the PC is at a remote site so I will have to continue troubleshooting next time I'm there.  I only had an hour last time so didn't try everything.  When I'm next there I will try clean boot, disk cleanup, run the defragmenter and make sure it's fully up to date.

    I am actually in the process of replacing most of our HDDs with SSDs so I will probably do that soon anyway but it would still be very useful to know the cause for future reference.

    I didn't know if the 0% Highest Active Time would flag something up with anyone.  I've never seen that before and I've troubleshooted a fair amount of hard disk problems!  I wonder if it's driver issue and Windows is not getting the readings from it.  I'll download the latest one from the manufacturer as you suggested.

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    Wednesday, July 5, 2017 10:21 AM