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  • I'm a long time Windows user and ex-SysAdmin and software app ... person, but in the last couple of years I've been working as a full time photographer.
    I have to use SSD as I need to minimise the potential risk to my data so images or work done on location are still be there when I get back to my desk.

    So I invested in a 128Gb SSD and partitioned 12Gb as system (c) and 106Gb as data (d) as I need as much space on D as possible as my data store. This makes trimming my C to the minimum one of the most important prep tasks and good data practise.

    I'm currently using XP64 to make use of the full 4Gb RAM in my laptop and I have loads of Imaging and business apps installed, yet it only uses a total of (compressed disk) 9Gb with 7.2Gb taken by programs.
    3Gb pagefile and 1.5Gb Sourcefiles spilled onto D over time.

    I'm trialling Win7 64bit in a VM with 10Gb allocated. I did the basic install of the Eval version and patched it
    .... it's taking 8Gb on the base install alone with TreesizePro thinking the C drive is actually 9.3Gb (and WinSxS as 4.5Gb)

    I get that MS is covering the butt of the average idiot user, but we (the tech savvy) should have an option to tidy or at least move the folder to an alternate location the same way we can move the XP SourceFiles to a larger partition or external/network storage.

    I saw the MS article where someone said it's 16c/Gb of data, so costs 90c in storage cost of Winsxs.
    Sorry, but that's an excuse rather than a resolution

    SSD's are becoming much more prevalent and as a result the price is dropping, but it's still around the £1.50($2)/Gb mark as of 2011:


    I do a Ghost of my system drives (3 machines) every 2 months and backing up and storing nGb of dead data is wasteful in time and resources.
    I don't hack my system much other than removing temp or old install files and I've never ever had a '.dll missing' error ... ever


    So --- to Microsoft, please stop making excuses and give us back a little control of data management.
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  • 12Gb is a bit too low. Read the official hardware requirements:

    16 GB available hard disk space (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit)

    But you if you use some tools you need around 40GB.


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