Still not fixed in RTM: Win8 and now Win8.1 messing up the system attribute for history folder in IE ... for roaming users (i.e. BUSINESS USERS!) RRS feed

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  • Update: And we're talking RTM here ...

    Here is a solution from back then - during the Win8 preview:

    Try this ....


    C:\users\%username%\appdata\local\Microsoft\Windows\history is lacking the +S (system attribute)


    > Desktop > File Explorer > \users\appdata\local\Microsoft > Shift+Right Click on Windows Folder > Open new command prompt > attrib History

    The result you get back in the command window should read something like this (Note the "S" to left):

       S    I    C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\History


    > \users\appdata\local\Microsoft > Shift+Right Click on Windows Folder > Open new command prompt > attrib +S History

    ... and History comes back in IE:

    > Desktop > IE to confirm.


    A Bug in Windows (or Windows 8 ... seen this issue posted quite a few times for Windows 8.

    I'm actually able to recreate the issue persistently with domain accounts and roaming profiles on a second login on any Windows 8 system. The issue is there after the local profile has been ("re")created on that system. I don't why it happens ... but it happens every time for domain account.

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