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  • Hi there,


    I have Microsoft VPC 2007 SP1, and I installed my old Windows 95 on it and everything was just great.


    But when I turn the color depth to 'True Color (32 bit)' I get a strange problem or behavior!


    I see the mouse doesnt work properly, the affected pointing position (where you click) is wrong, basicly I can define it like below for short...


    read_X = seen_X / 2;

    read_Y = seen_Y;


    As you can see, the x-axis position is not the true one as where you see the mouse is. In other words, if you click somewhere, the affected click is not the place you did, but it is in somewhere in left side, and i saw that by the half displacement from the left. Further more, the mouse pointer is able to get out the scree from the right side! As if there is something doubled regarding the x-axis!


    Note that it happened to me for the x-axis only, which means the y-axis position remains correct. Beside, that appeared only when I turn to the True Color mode, the High Color and 256 are normal.


    Hope someone from Microsoft or the developement team help me asap.




    A. H.

    Friday, July 18, 2008 9:40 PM