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  • I have file 1.csv

    number, name # column name

    I created function for returning all values from this csv (number,name)

    Function Get-CSV {
        param (
        # CSV File path
        #Create an hashtable variable
        [hashtable]$return = @{}
        Import-Csv $path |  
             ForEach-Object { 
             $number = $_.number 
             $name = $_.name
             $return.name = $name
             $return.number = $number
             return $return 
          # return $return un-commenting this line don't change output 
    # calling function
    $a = Get-CSV "C:\Users\1.csv"

    I get only one (last row from CSV) - a.name = test2 and a.number = 4

    How to get all rows from CSV in diffrent variables (a.name, a.number) ?

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  • The return is inside the loop.

    With PowerShell you do not need a return or anything.

    $a = Import-Csv$path | Select Name, Number

    This does everything you function does.  There is no need for a function.

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