How do I overcome the size limitation of schema detection for File-based MAs RRS feed

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    When you hand ILM a template file for your File MA that is over 200KB it will only look at the first 100 records and with LDIF files this just isn't enough for most directories to correctly discover the entire schema.

    For MIIS 2003 build 3.1.1026 and later a new feature was added that allows manually extending the schema detection ability of a File MA to overcome the 100 record/200KB limit.

    You can solve this issue by creating an XML file that enables the customization of the sample batch size to be discovered. Name the XML file FileMAUIConfig.xml and store it in the %programfiles%\Microsoft Identity Integration Server\UIShell\XMLs folder. The default value in the limit is 100. This value can be modified to account for a larger sample size. Your file should like the following example:

      <!-- Valid range of the analyze-limit: 1 to 2,147,483,647. Default analyze-limit is 100. -->

    In this example, the limit was set to 500.

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    Paul Loonen (Avanade) | MCM: Directory 2008 | MVP: ILM
    Thursday, July 1, 2010 8:18 PM