Problems with virtual Win 7 as router RRS feed

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  • I have a win 8.1 box with hyper-v, working perfect.
    The box is set up with virtual external switch and physically connected to my office network.
    Internet via some fibre modem and router (I don't know exact details) as gateway.

    A virtual win 7 machine is running as a guest, connected to the same virtual external switch (gets addresses incl. gateway by DHCP, no manual setup) and working perfect, may access internet and machines inside the office router.

    Now I want to set up this virtual machine as a router (let's call this machine the "router guest") for other guests and did the following:
    Enabling router in registry (IPEnableRouter = 1).
    Stopped this router guest.
    Adding a private hyper-v virtual switch and added to the router guest.
    Started the router guest and set fixed ip address on the new (private") virtual adapter, no gateway.

    A new win 7 virtual machine is then setup with only the new virtual ("private") network adapter and the router guest's private network address as gateway.

    I then expected to be able to ping internet and other machines in the office network from this last guest, but this is not working properly.
    It seems like the only adresses I may ping are the two addresses on the router guest (the fact that I may ping the address on the router guest which connects to office net and internet proofs that the router guest is a router indeed ??).

    Firewalls on both machines are switched off.
    Any obvious mistake ?

    Tried to ping a host in the office network and started Message Analyzer on that host.
    The packages are received and reply is sent, but I guess that the reply packages are not routed correctly back to the original host where the pings are performed.
    (I see the source address in the packages, I thought they would be translated)
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  • I now understand that a "pure" router does not include NAT and thus useless as a router to internet.
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