you can't invite someone RRS feed

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  • Their videos all over the place but here's the thing: it doesn't means hit if you can't invite someone but you can bet that but you've ever done the invite on right so here's the thing role play right get when your body is in talks and say hey man invite me invite me in Miami right seriously whereat might be show me show me how this business works no invite me do it over and over and over and overhand over again practice does make perfect practice makes progress right practice it over and over and overhand over and over and over and over again right and when you think you got it down great teach it when you teach it that's a mentor in your head it's custom in their head and they're going to teach it to their people as good as a man in their heads as well okay so practice it over and over Andover I cannot stress the importance up the invite I call my team my downtime I leaders .

    Thursday, October 2, 2014 11:43 AM