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    Does anyone has any idea of how to tweak the grouping date intervals of windows explorer, i'm just not happy with "long time ago" or "a year ago", it's just too imprecise. Suppose you want to group it by month, ie "two months ago" or by weeks "three weeks ago". I was going to upload a picture but MS hasn't had check my account, so I couldn't.

    BTW sorry for my poor english.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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  • Hi,

    This thread may help you solve the issue regarding cannot attach an image.

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    Based on my test, there are this date like last week, Earlier this month and so on. Maybe the files of you is too long ago.

    Hope this helps,

    Ada Liu
    TechNet Community Support

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  • First of all, thanks for the attention. Regarding to account verification, I follow the link you sent and did as instructed, as I read there now seems to be a matter of time till it's solved. THANKS for that.

    Now, regarding to the major problem: You quite understood what I was talking about without the pictures, actually, the ones you sent are fine for the matter. What I want is to have the posibility to tweak how much time those groups cover; "last week", ok, but what about "two weeks ago"? or "three weeks ago". Having a "feature" like that is priceless when handling pictures, jut to put an example.

    But that grouping inflexibility is not only exclusive to "date" field, try grouping by size! , you'll step up with something like "empty" (actually this one is really usefull) , "minuscule (0-10kb)", "small(10 - 100 kb)", "medium (100 kb - 1 mb)", "big (1 - 16 mb)", "huge (16 - 128 mb)", "gigantic > 128 mb". I know of .exe files that would fall in the "huge" category, and it's jut a .exe file; in nowadays computers world, let's say, 80% of the files you'll step up with would be gigantic, if so, of what use could be to have it all grouped up into only one category (gigantic)?. I think I've made my point, if not, please feel free to tell me and/or pointing out what to do.

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    Sunday, December 1, 2013 11:08 PM
  • Hi,

    Thanks for giving us the feedback. We have recorded the problem and will submit it as quick as possible.

    Thanks again!


    Ada Liu
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    Thursday, December 5, 2013 9:49 AM