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  • I have a content type for which I have developed a custom Document Information Panel. I built this on the site collection, and have multiple sites consuming this content type.

    All new subsites are provisioned using a site template that also contains a library template set up to use this content type.

    In February, I made some changes to my custom DIP and republished. Since that time, new libraries created from on the library template are giving error messages. Libraries created before that time do not have the issue I am about to describe below.

    New documents created from the content type open fine. The DIP opens and behaves normally. However, documents saved to the server and then re-opened yield the "Document information panel is unable to load" error message, with the following details:

    The form contains schema validation errors.
    Element '{3bf606ee-3db1-4c47-96b5-af00c6ec051d}d00c99ee13bd4aa5914bb56ff9995c02' is unexpected according to content model of parent element 'documentManagement'.

    The DIP as authored in InfoPath does not have any such element in it. The only place I see mention of this GUID is if I open the Word document archive -- where it is listed not as an element, but as a namespace, for example:

    <Subtype xmlns="3bf606ee-3db1-4c47-96b5-af00c6ec051d">Correction</Subtype>

    Is this the issue -- that it's looking for that particular namespace and cannot find it? 

    Tuesday, March 18, 2014 6:33 PM


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