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  • I´m creating some reports to take a look of the total real resolution time, when I say real I mean the time between the working hours of the SLO calendar or company calendar. There is a view called "incidentestatusdurationfactvw" that has a row named "TotalTimeMeasure" that field store the time in minutes for every incident state but the time calculated is base on 7x24 and not on the SLO calendar.

    anyone know if there is a table that has the total real time base on the company calendar and not on the 7x24?

    as example:

    Working hours = 10 per day between 8AM and 6PM Monday to Friday

    New Incident Registered at 5:PM on Friday

    Incident Resolved  next Monday at 9AM

    Real resolution time should  be: 120 minutes ( Total Real Active time 1hour on Friday and 1 hour on Monday )

    Time store on DWDataMart incidentestatusdurationfactvw = 3840 minutes  ( Total time between Friday to Monday including non-working days Sat-Sun.)


    Javo Mejia|Colombia| Blog:

    Tuesday, April 16, 2013 11:54 PM

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