Taking specific data from txt.file and using it in another file with powershell RRS feed

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  • Hello,

    My scripts printing all running process and username id's on local file.My desire taking all username ids from that file and print on specific part in a sentence.

    For example my script generate like these data(millions of row going like that)

       "Default Web Site/username1" (sample1)
       "Default Web Site/username2" (sample2)
       "Default Web Site/username3" (sample3)
       "Default Web Site/username4" (sample4)

    I have to take just username values between / and " like username1,username2 etc. When I took those name values, I have to print that values on that constant script sentence in specific parts like below example:

        </application> <application controller-application="username1" path="username1" site="Default Web Site"> <tier name="username1/> </application>
        </application> <application controller-application="username2" path="username2" site="Default Web Site"> <tier name="username2/> </application>
        </application> <application controller-application="username3" path="username3" site="Default Web Site"> <tier name="username3/> </application>
        </application> <application controller-application="username4" path="username4" site="Default Web Site"> <tier name="username4/> </application>
        </application> <application controller-application="username5" path="username5" site="Default Web Site"> <tier name="username5/> </application>


    Thursday, October 19, 2017 12:49 PM

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